How do I access the courses?
After your account has been registered for courses you can click on the CourseCenter logo at the top of the website. This will open the Learning Management System (LMS). Login into the LMS to view and participate in courses.
How do I know what Browser I am using?
The easiest way is to use a service that detects Browser and version. Just click on one of the options below.

How do you take a screenshot?
A screenshot is an image/snapshot of your computer monitor screen. Often times Tech Support will ask you to send one to help identify issues.

1.) Have your screen look the way you want it to be captured.
2.) Find a key on your keyboard labeled something like "PrtScn" or "Prt Sc". This is usually in the upper right side of the keyboard.
3.) Press this key. You will not visually see anything happen on the screen. 
4.) Now, you have to put the screen capture in a file. Usually, this is either MS Paint or MS Word
5.) For this example open M.S. Paint
6.) Find the "Paste" and use it. Your screen capture should appear in the file. (If is does not go back to Step 1)
7.) Save the file. You can now email this file.

Mac (OS X)
1.) Command-Shift-3, This will take a screenshot of the screen, and save it as a file on the desktop. You can now email this file.
Video overview of Online Courses

Video overview of Training Portal

What is a Web Browser?
A Web Browser (a.k.a browser) is a software interface design to navigate the World Wide Web (a.k.a. The Internet). There are several brands of browsers out there the most common are:

What should I know?
Please make note of the following items:
  • Please allow the course to load fully before you start to navigate through it. Navigating too quickly could result in the course shutting down.
  • Turn off all pop-up blockers for the site as all courses launch as a pop-up.
  • Please do not exit courses using the browser windows close option (i.e. Red X).
  • If you are viewing a course(s) with video, you will have a hard time with a dial-up connection.