Michigan Assisted Living Association (MALA) is YOUR leader in advocacy, education, and resources.

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MALA is Your Advocate

Representing You

As a member of MALA, your interests are represented at all regulatory levels - from Lansing down to your local community. We are in daily contact with state and local agencies, consumer advocacy groups, state legislators and policy makers, and the governor's office. Our professional staff members participate on advisory committees that review issues impacting providers. MALA monitors these agencies, advocates for you, and keeps you informed - so that you can devote your efforts to the effective operation of your business and professional services to your consumers.

Connecting at a Federal Level

MALA is also well informed on federal issues as the exclusive Michigan affiliate of the national Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA). ALFA is a major force in creating a positive image for assisted living and in lobbying against federal intervention. MALA's affiliation with AFLA serves to keep members up to date on legislative developments, trends and other activities in Washington and throughout the United States.

Immediate Response to Proposed Laws

MALA keeps track of the many legislative initiatives at the state level that could affect you. Our experienced, professional staff anticipate legislative activity, research its potential impact, and testify in hearings before new ideas become law. MALA, assisted by the Lansing-based government relations law firm of Kelley Cawthorne, focuses on key areas such as state funding; the provision of services in the least restrictive environment rather than in state hospitals and nursing homes; and greater access to the full array of services for Medicaid eligible adults.

MALA Members Receive Unlimited Free Legal Consultation

Access to the Best Legal Advice

As a MALA member, you receive unlimited, toll-free telephone assistance from our assisted living attorneys Robert Stein and Kathleen Murphy. Both are highly experienced in the field of assisted living policies and regulations. They will provide answers to your various questions; review documents such as resident care agreements, other contracts, leases, personnel manuals and insurance policies; and more. They stand ready to assist you, along with our network of seasoned referral attorneys that specialize in assisted living issues.Even if you have your own staff counsel, you will find this member benefit invaluable.

As a member of MALA, you will also receive sample documents and publications related to the many aspects and challenges of assisted living, such as personnel policy manuals and job applications. All of these legal services are included with your annual membership fee.

Business Counsel

MALA is a valuable resource to assist you in the management of your business. We can consult with you on various business matters including licensing issues, methods of ownership of your business, potential funding and referral sources and more. We are familiar with consultants and other resources to provide you with business guidance.

Timely Communications Keep You Informed

Forward Thinking

MALA keeps you current on legislative, legal, and business issues, always aware of assisted living trends and events. MALA's newsletter, The MALA Voice, is instrumental in helping you stay up to date, featuring segments that include "Regulatory Update" and "Ask the MALA Attorneys," along with other topics, insights and ideas that give you the advantage of being informed and able to plan ahead. MALA also provides information to consumers and their families on assisted living as well as responding to media inquiries.

Quality Educational Opportunities

Life Long Learning and Resource Center

MALA is dedicated to quality services through education. Our Life Long Learning and Resource Center is specifically designed to meet the unique education and training needs of persons working in assisted living. Our educational programs are tailored to the requirements of the adult learner from the seasoned professional to those just entering the field.

Seminars and Training to Keep You Prepared

MALA training enables members to obtain state-approved training credits for adult foster care licensees and administrators, and nursing home administrators. Several times during the year, MALA sponsors or co-sponsors half or full-day training on such topical subjects as employment law and regulatory trends.

Annual Conference is Invaluable

Each May, MALA hosts its Annual Provider Conference in Lansing for two of the most productive, educational, and motivating days of the year. The conference provides the single best source of essential, state approved training with approximately 40 individual sessions, taught by experts in their fields, covering everything from Leadership & Management, to Mental Health, Dementia, Health & Safety, Regulatory Compliance and much more. Companies exhibit the latest in products and services with representatives to answer your questions. The conference is also the best opportunity to network with providers from around the state. MALA members receive a substantial discount on the registration cost.

Risk Management

Improving the Quality of Services You Provide

MALA’s Life Long Learning and Resource Center provides training, newsletters, and special reports to keep you abreast of best practices that help reduce the risk of resident injury such as medication errors, falls, wandering, choking, and other serious potential harm to residents.

Helping You Comply with State Laws and Contractual Obligations

MALA staff can help you understand your obligations to comply with state laws that govern various insurance requirements such as workers' compensation insurance and auto insurance. We can also assist in reviewing leases and contracts that may include insurance requirements.  In addition, courses and resources found on the MALA Life Long Learning and Resource Center will help you and your staff to maintain compliance related to licensing as well as MIOSHA, HIPAA, Health Care Reform and Wage and Hour Laws.

Protecting Your Assets

As a member, you can benefit from the expertise of MALA staff in protecting personal and/or corporate assets in the event of a serious liability claim, employee injury or other claim made against you. MALA can also help you insure against other threats such as automobile accidents and fires. Using a sophisticated strategy based on quality assurance programs and extensive insurance protection, you can minimize threats to your assets.  Information on insurance and important tips can be found on the MALA Life Long Learning and Resource Center.

Insurance Programs

MALA assists members to obtain insurance protection based upon over 40 years as legal and business counselors, advocates, and legislative monitors for assisted living providers. MALA’s insurance programs provide access to coverage from top carriers at competitive rates.

MALA is pleased to announce that its insurance programs are now affiliated with Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC (MMA).